Like Chicken, Pinot was first an egg. He was a little ball of penguin possibility.

Pinot is pleased that he is no longer an egg, because eggs are very fragile. To him, Humpty Dumpty is a nightmare.

When Pinot was still an egg, it was winter. (In the South Pole, winter is from June to August). The egg that contained Pinot had to stay on dry land, but that meant that his parents were very hungry. Penguins find all their food in the ocean.

So Pinot's mom had to make a long journey out to sea, in order to do all the grocery shopping for the family. Before she left, she carefully put the Pinot egg on Pinot's dad's feet, right in front of his belly, where it was super warm. Then she swam away, and Pinot's dad was left holding the egg.
Pinot's dad takes care of egg

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