South Pole
Once upon a time, there was a blue penguin who lived in The Netherlands. His name was Pinot. The blue penguin was born a long time ago on a sheet of ice in the Antarctic, the South Pole.

The Netherlands is in Western Europe, and Pinot finds it very warm here, even in the winter. Sometimes we wake up and all the windows are open, and Pinot is standing with his head outside, with little icicles growing on his wings! This only happens when Pinot is homesick.

portrait of pinot's parents Other times, when Pinot is quiet and melancholy, we know that  he is thinking about his parents. He left them many years ago, when he travelled across the ice, from the South Pole to the Netherlands.

This adventure is the story of Pinot's birth, as told to us by Pinot.

Pinot thinks of his parents